Who Is Saraswati Devi ?

[ This is a Guest Post by here Mr.C.S.Moorthy .]
Rig veda is the oldest treatise in our culture which dates back to many thousands of years. The Rishis who compiled the Rig Veda did mention Saraswati, Ila and Bharati in the mantras. They did not formulate the mantras they were mantra drashtas. They saw the mantras in action.
What they saw in action they have faithfully narrated through the mantras.Since they had this extraordinary perception they were known as ‘vipras’.

http://economicforumpbc.com/?nikolasdk=video-come-fare-trading-on-line&d24=77 What did they see? They certainly did not see any unique being sitting on a lotus with veena in her hand and wearing a white saree. They saw the marvellous activity of the human system in its intricate working. They found that human body was made up of a large number of cells. Broadly there were three groups: a) neurons, b)blood vessels and c) flesh and muscle. Neurons were unique because they were concerned with sensory activities. They named it club rencontre yvetot Saraswati. Brain can carry on its function only because of neurons which ensures connectivity with every nook and corner of our body. We cannot see these neuron cells as they are minute. Neurons are assisted in their activity by Axons (Ila) and Dendrites (Bharati) as modern science has discovered only in the last 50 years or so. Modern science has derived their knowledge through mathematical formula a tentative finding at best!

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