What is Saadhana?

Saadhana refers to a strict regime that one follows in order to gain control over the senses. To gain the full power of any mantra quicker and more effectively, it is advised to have such a regime. Saadhana may vary depending on the level of intensity one wishes to pursue. It can be anything from not eating for weeks to skipping one meal.

The most practical lifestyle changes which people living in families can practice mainly include :-
  • eating only vegetarian food
  • refraining from sexual activity
  • having control over anger and jealousy
  • eating and sleeping on time
The control of the above mentioned aspects automatically helps to induce more discipline in one’s life by controlling the mind’s natural weaknesses. It also makes the body able to be at harmony with the mantra being practiced. Such simple tweaks to life can greatly enhance one’s inner power and make life more fulfilling. It is not necessary to be a saint or sage to get the benefits of a mantra or to do saadhana. Saadhana can be done most effectively by family members since they will have a more natural and determined urge to overcome their difficulties. Om

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