What Is Mantra Siddhi ?

Mantra Siddhi refers to the attainment of the full power of a mantra. The word ‘siddhi’ refers to an extra talent or ability. The phrase ‘mantra siddhi’ can also be termed as an achievement of mantra frequency resonance with that of one’s mind. When we repeat a single mantra on a daily basis with devotion and concentration, the power of mantra gets accumulated and at a particular phase it gets fully realized.

When you read the word ‘dog’, immediately an image of a dog comes to your mind. It shows the power that a single word has over our mind. Similarly, when we repeat the same mantra regularly with the image of the connected god in our mind, it will eventually get embedded. When mantra siddhi is achieved, the power of the mantra can be brought into action immediately on a single chanting. This stage of mantra siddhi requires dedication and sincere devotion. The devotee needs to perform mantra upasana with a selfless intention to be closer to god and use the blessings attained only for welfare. Om

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