What Is A Mantra ?

The meaning of the word ‘mantra’ is ‘that which comes to one’s rescue when called through thought’. Hence, it is a sacred word or phrase that we repeat with devotion to protect us from the ill-effects of this world. A mantra is more than a simple word, it is a specialized word that produces sounds of particular frequencies capable of tuning our mind’s natural frequency. Thus, a mantra can have large psychological impacts on a person if practiced properly.

A mantra may consist of a single letter, single word or a phrase. They are words that are revealed to ancient sages/saints during their extreme penance and meditation. The increased sensitivity of the mind achieved through rigorous discipline enables saints to receive such revelations from within their mind. The chanting of a suitable mantra is the easiest and most efficient way to resolve problems in life since it also brings about greater discipline and a better sense of understanding. Once mantra siddhi is achieved, the mantra will come to one’s rescue when the devotee is in need. Om

[Note: The mispronunciation of words can change the meaning of mantras, hence it is advised to get to know the proper pronunciation before starting to chant mantras]

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