The Hindu Way Of Life – By Dr.V.B.Nallini

  God gave us life as an opportunity to realize god almighty. Hindu real meaning is “sanatana darma” meaning “a way of life”. A Hindu should understand on how to live a life of bliss by adhering to the 4 ashram or division in life in accordance to Hindu Scriptures.the life stages are as follows:1st : Bhramacharium : student life, from the age of 5 to 24 years of age.One has to learn the vedic studies and the materialistic studies to live in this world. it is forbidden to fall in love at this stage. learning the importance of living a life out of trouble, archariam, and the do’ and dont’s of life.
2nd stage: grahastram- at this stage one has to settle down in life by marriage. the marriage must be blessed by parents and elders and the ceremony should be done by priest. the promise that a husband and wife makes on this day is very auspicious. A husband promises that he will take good care of his wife in life until death due them apart. this vow is done in front of the Agni, fire. A man makes a promise that he will not look and have any relationship other then his lawful wedded wife and same promise is done by the women as well. she promises that she will honor, treasure and develop her husband heir by abiding the rules as in the scriptures. The married couple should live a life understanding the full duties: of darma, arta, kama and moksa. during this time of marriage a husband must not get entangled in the birth and must learn to perform his duties as “a son to his mother”, “as a husband to his wife”, as “a father to his next of children”, by ensuring that his family is well taken care off. He should earn a living by acquiring “arta” richness, he should earn a good living and be a provider to his family, by ensuring his the family has good food, good education, have a home, good friends, good surrounding, performing prayers at least 2 times in a day.  

Darma : is giving charity to old folds home, not doing anything against the law of the scriptures and nation. Performing temple prayers by taking up yajnas, being caring, understanding that darma is by action that has the power to eradicate bad karma and rebith.kama : having a chosen beautiful wife or husband, buying land, house, and fulfilling all desires. but with caution, not to incur additional karma,for bad karma causes many births. the bad karma includes or one must live a life of avoiding the : No illicit sex, intoxication, gambling, and cheating. And one must practice to avoid kama (lust), kroda(anger), Loba, madsara. and finally understanding “Moksa”. the right action there. one must understand that we all are the part and parcel of god almighty and should strive to live a good, god blessed life. moksa will blessed one with freeing oneself from thte circle of birth and death.
Vanaprastam: the 3rd stage: this stage one must give the daughter and sons in marriage. not only that must teach children all the goodness and what is bad in human life. Sannayasim : this stage refers of handing over all the duties to his or her children and lead a life full of prayers. teaching vedic scriptures. those days people tend to go to jungle to hold on too brammacharium .in this modern days, it is not save in jungle, so devote life to charity, and god service.Understanding the above principles of life, a Hindu has nothing to loose and this will only help him or her to gain knowledge in this world and the world hereafter.

This post was submitted by Dr.V.B.Nallini. 

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