Solar Eclipse : rituals to overcome miseries

A Solar eclipse is a phenomenon which has made many civilizations look up in awe. It is of course scientifically known that a solar eclipse happens when the moon comes in between the earth and the Sun. But, there are still a lot of mysterious aspects related to eclipses. We are still unaware of the changes that go on in the environment while a solar eclipse occurs. Speaking scientifically or astrologically, the Sun is predominantly responsible for maintaining life on Earth.  It is said that the time in which an eclipse occurs leads to an exponential increase in the growth of dangerous micro-organisms , and is hence not a safe time even speaking on a scientific basis. Thus , a solar eclipse is a time which requires caution and devotion to protect oneself from any possible miseries. It i advisable to burn dry neem leaves and dry cow dung during solar eclipses so that the fumes will keep the growth of micro-organisms under control. The following is a special and powerful mantra that can help to relieve a person’s horoscope from being affected by the misfortunes related to an eclipse :

om sadashiva sarveshwara raksha raksha mahadeva
solar eclipse 2012
ॐ सदाशिव सर्वेश्वर रक्ष रक्ष महादेव 

People on whose star the solar eclipse occur, should chant the above Shiva mantra 108 times on the solar eclipse day. After the mantra chanting, it is highly advisable to go to a nearby Shiva temple and perform a Mrityunjaya homa. Om namah shivaya

This is a Guest Post by Swami Ananthakrishna.

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