Simple New Year Ritual- for happiness,health and prosperity

Om.With the advent of a new year, everyone’s mind is sure to be filled with hope for some positive change in life. This post is about a simple new year ritual which anybody can perform to cleanse their body and soul , so as to invite positive divine blessing for a better year ahead. On December 31st or January 1st,  after you finish your morning bath, take a bowl of water and place it in front of a photo/idol of your favourite god/goddess (based on your convenience, you may also light a lamp on either side of the lamp). Then take a fistful of salt and place it on a plate beside you. Now take a pinch of salt with the thumb and ring finger of your right hand. Now chant the following well-known sloka : Om source link asathoma sathgamaya thamosoma jyothirgamaya mrityorma amruthamgamaya
[The above sloka is a request to get God’s blessings so that we are guided towards truth, brightness/prosperity and immortality/health]
Then chant the following mantra which is a general prostration to the God of the universe,village and family (though they are all the same supreme God we are just paying respect to the various forms )
differenza opzioni e opzioni binarie Om source site namo parabrahmane hara shree gramadevatayai hari shree paradevatayai namosthuthe
Then put the salt into the bowl of water. Repeat this process until all the salt in the plate has been transferred into the bowl of water. Then keep the bowl of water closed for atleast 41mins. Then take this bowl of water and pour it over your whole body and then take a bath (it can be done in the evening also). This simple ritual is a great cleanser of negativity from the body and mind. 

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