Rituals & Slokas For Durga Pooja/Navratri Celebration [Part 3]

On the 9th and final day of Navratri , it is important to express one’s gratitude to Devi in general and Devi Saraswathi in particular. It is also an occasion to review one’s actions and make necessary changes. It is an opportunity to make resolutions and start a new life. Since your sins will be washed away due to regular prayers to Durga Devi, this is your chance to mend your mistakes. It is a time to realize one’s priorities in life and to get Durga devi’s blessings to fulfil them.
Get up before sunrise on the final day of navratri (oct 6th in 2011) and after bathing, light camphor in front of the devi photo. Then invoke lord Ganesha and Lord Dakshinamoorthy by chanting the slokas given in the second post of this series [ Rituals & Slokas For Durga Pooja/Navratri Celebration [Part 2]].
Then chant the following sloka 11 times and pray to devi Saraswati & Durga Devi to bless your family with knowledge, success, health,unity and happiness. Shower the Durga Devi photo with flowers while chanting the slokas.
http://bestone.com.au/?attachment_id=527 Sireeshabha chite drushad upala sobha kucha thate
source Bhrusam thanvi madhye pruthur urasijharoha vishaye
watch Jagat trathum sambhor jayahti karuna kaachid aruna

optioni binare top bro ket Om Katha kale mathah kathaya kalithalakthaka rasam
go to site Pibheyam vidyerthi thava charana nirnejana jalam
click Kadha dhathe vani mukha kamala thambhula rasatham
Now light some camphor again and then open the cloth bundle. Take out a sheet of paaper and write down the vowels, consonants and numerals of each language that you know. Then take the textbooks and read atleast one paragraph from each of them. Then try to use each instrument/tool once. This is a ritual done as a symbolic revision of our basic knowledge and as a show of gratitude to the universal mother.
Celebrations are a means for families and friends to come closer and share love. They are occasions to be reminded of god’s infinite compassion for us. It is an opportunity for us to show our gratitude to god.  So please refrain from making it anything else that harms society, and instead help to spread the sentiment of equality.
I wish you all a very click Happy Navratri. rencontres femmes 85 May Durga Devi Bless each and every one. Om

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