Rameswaram Theerthams

We saw the legend of the two shivalinga and how it lead to the Rameswaram temple in the previous post.Now lets see the names of some famous ‘theertha’ (holy water) wells at Rameswaram.

Mahalakshmi Thhertham
Savithri Theertham
Gayathri Theertham
Saraswathi Theertham
Sethu Madhava Theertham
Gandamadana Theertham
Kavacha Theertham
Gavaya Theertham
Nala Theertham
Sangu Theertham
Sakkara Theertham
Brahmahati Vimochana Theertham
Surya Theertham
Chandra Theertham
Ganga Theertham
Yamuna Theertham
Gaya Theertham
Siva Theertham
Sathyamirtha Theertham
Sarva Theertham
Kodi Theertham

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