Rameswaram – The Legend Of Two Shivalinga

Rameswaram is a grand temple that is situated about 150km from the city of Madurai, Tamil Nadu.The presiding deity at Rameswaram is Lord Shiva. According to legends, it is believed that Lord Rama returned from Lanka to this spot after his grand victory over Raavana. Lord Rama was advised to appease Lord Shiva so that he may atone for his sins of killing a great Shiva bhaktha (it is also said that Raavana was a brahmin and Lord Rama did it to also get rid of ‘brahma hathya paapa’, or the sin of killing a brahmin). Lord Rama told Lord Hanuman to bring an appropriate Shiva linga from Kailash, so that he could establish it there and do pooja. As Lord Rama waited for Lord Hanuman to return, the holy muhoortha (auspicious time) was getting over. Hence, Sita devi build a shivalinga out of sand, which hardened due to Devi’s divine touch. Meanwhile, Lord Hanuman returned from Kailash, and was disappointed to see the other shivalinga. (It is said that Lord Hanuman tied his tail around the other shivalinga and tried to uproot it, but failed to do so). Lord Rama then pacified Lord Hanuman and said that from that day onwards, the shivalinga which Lord Hanuman brought would have pooja performed before the one made by Sita devi. Then Lord Rama appeased Lord Shiva and washed himself from the sin of killing Raavana..The shivalinga brought by Lord Hanuman is called ‘viswalingam’ and the one made by Sita devi is called ‘Ramalingam’.

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