Rama Navami Pooja (final day)

On the Rama Navami day , try to make all your family members to participate in the pooja/ritual. In the morning after you finish your bath, light two lamps in front of Lord Rama, or light one lamp with five threads. Then place the plate which has the key, in front of the lamp(s), and open the cloth. Now place a bowl with some rice beside you and keep another plate in front of the lamp. On the second plate, keep a few bananas. Then chant the following mantra as you take rice in between the ring finger and thumb of your right hand :

om ramaya ramachandraya ramabhadrya namosthuthe raghunathaya nathaya sithayampathaye namah
Then shower the key with the grains of rice. Repeat this process 108 times. It can be done simultaneously by all your family members as well. Then chant “hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare” as many times as possible. Now light camphor and shower the photo of Lord Rama with flowers. Then distribute the bananas among your family members and friends.
The key should then be tied in the same cloth without rice, and kept near the main door of your house. It can either be nailed over the frame of the main door or kept in a shelf beside the main door. If you have a lawn or empty area in front of your home, you can bury the key in front of your entrance. This will protect your house and family from all evil , and also ensure that you are all blessed with happiness and prosperity. Om
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