Rama Navami Pooja (2nd to 8th Day)

This post explains the rituals which have to be performed from the 2nd day to 8th day of Rama Navami celebrations. Hope you have already gone through the rituals for the first day (Rama Navami – First Day Pooja).

Rama Navami Rituals : 2nd Day – 8th Day

After bathing in the morning, light a lamp in front of Lord Rama’s photo. Then place the plate which has the key, in front of the lamp. Open the cloth and keep the key exposed. Then take a bowl of water  and put a inch of turmeric in it. Then hold a spoon by it’s opposite end (non-handle end) and dip the handle into the water. Now let the drops of water flow onto the key as you chant the following mantra 21 times :

om namo dasharathaputhraya ramabhadraya mahadevaya vasudevaya rama ramaya namah
rama navami
Then tie the key in the same cloth and keep it in front of Lord Rama. If possible, light some camphor and chant “hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare” as many times as possible.


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