India was not bought by the British; it would be more apt to say that India was sold by Indians. Along with India, Hinduism has also been shattered into pieces. Hinduism is by itself facing a lot of threats in today’s world. But, still we keep quarreling about castes, while the greatness which can be achieved through unity is not looked into.

The greedy landlords of pre-British India were more than willing to part with the labour and dignity of their inhabitants in return for personal wealth and protection. Like blood sucking ticks, the British kept jumping to different landlords disguised as help and then left them desolate.
The administrators exploited the caste system as a means to heave some luxury by enforcing themselves as supreme. They divided the society and introduced unspeakable norms. This process greatly hampered unity and created a social structure as fragile and instable as a house of cards.     
Lets first trace the caste system to it’s origins. We find the birth of caste in the long departed days of Indian supremacy. A society is an intricate network of inter-dependant layers. Our ancestors realised this essential factor and hence divided groups of people based on how proficient they were in various occupations. Theses people had a natural inclination towards their profession and were already well skilled in them. Each individual used his lifetime to fine-tune their abilities and then passed on the modified knowledge to their progeny. This led to the creation of an exponential improvement in knowledge and skill in each and every field. The groups of people started being identified by their professions and this lead to the establishment of a caste. A caste was just an easy indication to what line of work the individual belongs to.
An insight about the vital need of each profession and how it is all of equal importance for the smooth development of society as a whole, is inevitable. We should be able to appreciate and respect each individual equally, based only on his/her character and not on his/her work. There should just be a single class of people called ‘Hindus’, i.e, those that prefer to follow the Hindu ‘way of life’.
What is even worse is that the politicians of today still wield the same weapon of caste and have managed to blow it up to a nuke. They keep instilling the divide-and-rule policy of the British. But, in their unrelenting quest for power, politicians perform heinous crimes that put even the British to shame. The luxury of money and the adrenalin that power brings keeps them addicted. Wannabe politicians make caste as their warhead to victory in vote-bank politics. The people are dealt with as animals to be sacrificed. They are fed with promises of uplift, and decorated with the glorification of caste. But, after the candidate rises victoriously, the people are ultimately looted and sacrificed. So, do you still wish to voluntarily have your life sucked out by the new breed of ‘poli-ticks’.? Save Hinduism…Save Humanity…
                  This post was submitted by Shyamsunder.


  • March 28, 2012 at 12:10 pm

    If unable to believe this reasoning, see below the present day casteisms,

    In medical profession : All are doctors, but,

    Cardiologists, Neurologists – Brahmins,
    General Surgeons – Kshatriyas,
    Physicians – Vaisyas,
    Dermatologists, Anesthisiates-Sudras.

    In Engineering & Technology :

    Electronics & Space Tech – Brahmins,
    Mechanical, Computer – Kshatriyas,
    Electrical, Chemical – Vaisyas,
    Civil – Sudras.


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