Panchagavya – Preparation & Uses Of The Holy Cow’s Gifts

Panchagavya is an important component of many rituals and poojas. It is the mixture of 5 (pancha-) elements obtained from cows. The cow is considered to be very holy according to Hinduism. It is said that more than 33 crore gods exist in the body of a cow and hence prostrating before a cow is equivalent to praying to all these gods.

Panchagavya is used for abhisekha in many major temples during certain rituals. Panchagavya is also used to treat some severe diseases after empowering the panchagavya with suitable mantras. The constituents of panchagavya have the ability to trap tremendous positive mantra energy and hence becomes much more effective than water empowered with mantras. Panchagavya is even being used in organic farming methods to enrich the soil and protect plants. (the agricultural mixture includes jaggery,banana,etc also)

The constituents of Panchagavya are – dung, urine and milk from the cow, along with ghee and curd. Individually these components have significant therapeutic effects and are utilized in ayurveda system of medicine.

Cow dung is said to have anti-septic and anti-fungal properties and is hence used to treat skin diseases. Cow’s urine is used to treat stomach disorders in kids. The benefits of ghee, curd and milk are quite well-known and hence i presume it doesn’t need further explanation. Though these products are all individually effective and useful, together they become exponentially better.

The ratio for the preparation of panchagavya is fixed on the quantity of cow dung that is taken.The ratio of the other components are as follows :-

                  cow’s urine = cow dung  x 2
ghee (from cow’s milk) = cow dung x 4
curd (from cow’s milk) = cow dung x 5
                     cow’s milk = cow dung x 16

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