Maha Sudarshan Mantra – For protection From Enemies,Misfortune, Planets & Ghosts

Sudarshan Chakra is the name of the powerful discus weapon present in Lord Mahavishnu’s hand. It is considered one of the most powerful divine weapons capable of destroying all evil.

The following Sudarshan mantra can be regularly chanted to remove all miseries caused by enemies, for protection from unforeseen events and to keep evil entities like ghosts away. Regular chanting of this mantra will cover the devotee’s body in a divine aura by the grace of lord Sudarshan. This mantra is especially useful for the exorcism of ghosts.
Om kleem krishnaya govindaya gopjanavallabhaya
Paraya param purushaya paramatmane
Parakarma mantrayantraushadastrashastrani
Samhara samhara mrityormochaya mochaya
Om namo bhagavathe mahasudarshanaya
Deepthre jwala pareethaya sarvvadikshobhannakaraya brahmane
Parajyothishe huum phutt
Try to repeat the mantra for 11 or 108 times daily in the morning or evening (before sunset). It can be made a highly beneficial habit to help us live happily in this ‘kali yuga’.
[ Note – It is advised to practice proper mantra saadhana regime while using this mantra]

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