Lord Shiva…My Saviour

Lord Shiva has always been my sole source of happiness. Ever since i was a little child, i was used to hearing stories about the greatness of Lord Shiva and how he was always ready to rush to help his devotees. I have often felt the grace of Lord Shiva in my life and  would like to share my most memorable experience here.

site rencontre avec skype I have the habit of going to a nearby Shiva temple on every sunday. During my undergraduate exam time, i used to go to the temple and pray on the way to my college. On the day of my Electronics paper examination, i started from my home a little early since i was particularly worried about the test. I went straight to the Shiva temple and did my usual prayers, but due to the crowd at the temple, i became a little late and the door in front of the idol was closed for the morning pooja while i was praying. I was in quite a dilemma, since i might be late for my exam if i wait for the door to open, but if i go while it is closed, i might fall prey to Lord Shiva’s anger. I thought for a while and then decided to stay and pray, since i felt that Lord Shiva’s blessings would help me overcome any possible problems. After the pooja i hurried out of the temple. By this time it had started to rain. I was unable to get my usual bus and had to wait at the bus stop. After about 10 minutes, i decided to ask for a lift from people going on bikes. One particular gentleman stopped and agreed to help me. On the way to the college, the bike underwent an accident. Myself and the rider where thrown out of the bike and we landed onto the pavement as i shouted “mahadeva”. When i got up, i realized that i had fallen onto a few cardboard boxes placed at the side and had just managed to miss an iron railing (with pointed tips) by a few inches. I didn’t even have a scratch on me. My fellow rider had also miraculously escaped, while the bike was completely damaged. By-standers were amazed at our escape and made us understand how fortunate we were. I thanked Lord Shiva with all my heart and knew that it was only his infinite grace which saved my life. After that i proceeded to my college. I was 20mins late for my examination and was quite sure that i would have to appear for an arrear in the exam. But ,i was baffled when i got 75% for that paper when the results came. I could not stop thanking Lord Shiva for his blessings and know that every time i spend even a second to pray, that Lord Shiva is really listening to me and is always there to help me.
Om namah Shivaya
This experience was shared by go here Mr. Sumanth Arora .

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  1. bdswiss reverenzen I had stop praying .. maybe because i had lost confidence in myself.. life is complcated in all ways
    I have started to pray again ! Life has alwayz been to the edge of worst but somehow am thankfull that I have not been worst!! I feel some1 helps me! who else other than lord shiva..
    I have started to pray again! I feel so peaceful and hapi ! I have become so positive in life! people hu has hurted me / put false allegation etc.. realise wat they did etc.. except 1..
    He saved me in lots of tiny ways which I may have not realise at that time!! 2d wen i look back am so thankfull to him!
    I have kept 16 mondays fast .. I hope my fats is sucessfull
    N he forgive wen sometime as despair n say him lots of things.
    But If i dnt express myself to him ! hu else is more closer than him.
    he is my frnd n everything.
    From Angelina

  2. source link I Love YOU my LORD SHIVA……. YOU are my ONE and ONLY……There are no words to thank you enough for looking after me every moment of my life, and forgiving me on my every mistake / sin I commit. I just humbly request YOU to give me MOKSH / MUKTI in this janaam, as I want to be close to YOU always and serve YOU forever and ever MY LORD. I dont want to be born again on this planet. please MY SHIVA.

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