Lord Murugan Sloka and Ritual For Sports People

Lord Murugan is well known for his beauty , knowledge and courage. Lord Murugan‘s name is considered synonymous with success and he is hence called ‘vetri vel’ or the one with the spear of victory. Hence it is without doubt that any task undertaken with the blessings of Lord Murugan will definitely lead to success. The following is a simple ritual that can be made a habit, to help sportsmen and sportswomen to be successful in their field.

lord murugan

http://uetd-hessen.de/?deuir=flirttipps-f%C3%BCr-sch%C3%BCchterne-frauen&cf6=d3 In the morning after bathing, close your eyes and face the sun. Then chant the following mantra 6 times in your mind

http://www.amisdecolette.fr/?friomid=je-cherche-des-filles-c%D0%93%C2%A9libataires&e84=a2 go to site Om vachalbhuve shree sarvavijayapradhaya namah
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Chant the mantra everyday for 21 consecutive days. Then on the day of your competition/contest, take a few grains of rice in your right hand and chant the mantra 36 times. Then take the rice grains in your pocket while going for your competitions. Sprinkle a few grains ,from your pocket, behind you before you start playing/racing. This will help to remove evil eyes and any possible unfortunate events that may occur.

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