Kamadeva Mantra – For Charm and Grace

Dancers need to have charm and grace that can greatly entertain their audience and gather appreciation. The following mantra is to appease Lord Kamadeva (the god of love). With his divine blessings, your charm, grace and beauty will improve.

Om kleem namah kamadevaya sundarangaya  viswavashyaya kleem namah

Chant the above mantra 108 times each in the morning(after sunrise) and evening (before sunset). It is advisable to start the chanting on a Sunday morning. Mantra siddhi is said to be attained after 21 days of chanting. This Kamadeva mantra can also be used by lovers, to keep their affection evergreen. It is important to maintain pious practices like having only vegetarian food, taking bath before chanting and having sincerity in prayers, so that you may gain full benefits from the mantra.

3 thoughts on “Kamadeva Mantra – For Charm and Grace

  • November 8, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    This mantra involves Beeja aksharas. So strictly need to be initiated by a Guru

  • November 8, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    yes, as anonymous has rightly stated, it is better to practice the mantra after proper initiation…most mantras require proper initiation from a guru so as to maintain proper pronunciation and to be able to gain more benefit from the mantra…the mispronunciation of powerful mantras may cause problems…I am trying to provide mantras in various languages so that readers may know the proper pronunciation while chanting…but, it will take more time for me to be able to start providing in posts…i hope to get the support of our dear readers for this initiative…Om


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