How To Get Rid Of Ghosts & Evil Entities

watch How to get rid of ghosts , is not a question that all of us necessarily relate to, but there a large number of people who may be forced to find the answer to such a critical dilemma. The presence of a ghost may not necessarily be very evident in all situations. Depending on why the soul is existing in the ‘preta avasta’ (state of a ghost), the ghost may be violent or peaceful. You may have frequent ailments, repeated accidents or unexplainable fears as a result of the presence of ghosts in your house. The following is a powerful ritual that will help to get rid of ghosts and other evil entities from your house.

citas internet gratis On a Friday morning , after finishing your bath, select an appropriate location in your house to perform the ritual/pooja (preferably in the north-east corner or any other clean area). Then wipe the floor with a wet and clean cloth. Now place a lamp in the center of the cleaned area. Place 5 threads with ghee(clarified butter) and light the lamp.The lamp should be kept alight throughout the day. Now place 3 fistfuls of rock salt in a copper bowl and take a few lemons (one lemon for each room in your house, plus 4 extra lemons). Place the lemons on a plate beside the lamp. Now take a few toothpicks and poke each lemon. Then keep some bananas on a plate, beside the lamp.

demo piattaforma 24 option Now place a photo of Lord Narasimha / Nrisimha behind the lamp. Then take a pinch of rock salt with the ring finger,index finger and thumb of your right hand. Now chant the following mantra : om ugrasimhaya ugrarowdraya maha moorthaye raksha raksha narasimha devaya namah 
dating gratis norge ॐ उग्रसिम्हाया उग्ररोव्द्राया महा मूर्थये रक्ष रक्ष नरसिम्हा देवाय नमः 
Then put the salt over the poked lemons. Repeat this process until all the rock salt in the bowl is over. Now light some camphor in front of the lamp and pray to Lord Narasimha for protection. Then keep chanting om maha narasimhaya namaha ॐ महा नरसिम्हाय नमः  , and take the bowl of salt in your left hand. Now go around your house and sprinkle a pinch of the salt after every step that you take. Then place the lemons, one each, in your rooms. The extra four lemons have to be buried in the four sides of your house, at a depth of 4-5cm. [For people living in go to link apartments/flats, sprinkle the salt around the border walls of your flat, and hang the lemons in the four sides of the flat]. Then wash your hands and feet thoroughly. Give the banana away to animals/birds. This ritual helps to form a powerful shield from ghosts for your house. Also, later when you invoke the power of Lord Narasimha into the home, it will form a container for the immense positive power, and hence help to vanquish the ghosts. At noon, light some incense sticks beside the lamp, and light some camphor in front of the lamp.
how to get rid of ghosts

In the evening, after you finish bathing, sit beside the lamp. Take a clay pot (or any other vessel which can bear heat) and place it beside the lamp. Now place some camphor and wooden chips in the pot and light it. Light another lamp beside the pot. Then take a fistful of dried whole black pepper on a plate. Now take each pepper in your right hand hand chant the following mantra :

rencontre filles cameroun om veerasimhaya ugrasimhaya rowdrasimhaya narasimhaya swaha
rencontres nantes 44 ॐ वीरसिम्हाय उग्रसिम्हाय रोव्द्रसिम्हाय नरसिम्हाय स्वः

After chanting the mantra, put the pepper into the pot. Keep repeating the ritual until all the peppers are over. (Put few wood chips in between to keep the fire burning). Then take 3 fistfuls of rice in a bowl. Keep chanting the mantra used for the black peppers and put a grain of rice into the pot after each repetition.

Now take a bowl of water in your right hand. Take some water in your right hand and chant the following mantra : follow url om maha narasimhaya namah ॐ महा नरसिम्हाय नमः , and sprinkle the water all around and inside the house. Sprinkle everywhere in your house, including all metal objects, dresses and mirrors.

With the infinite grace of Lord Narasimha , the ghosts / evil entities will not be able to stay in or at the premises of your house anymore. Om

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  1. sir,
    Is there a way so that black magic cast inside the residence can be cleaned. Many such articles are buried inside the sand of the house.
    How to destroy those buried ones.


  2. Om…Dear Ashish…it is better to not worry about the exact number of repetitions…you can decide it based on the ritual that is being performed along with the mantra…

  3. I believe my wife is being affected with black magic I am having tensions with my parents because I believe in valuing people on the basis of what they do and why they do. I will try the way you have guided above but,is there any precaution we need to take

  4. Sir,

    is there any mantra to bring back people who has left the family due to unknown balck magic or graha dosha etc..


  5. Om..Namasthe Nikuji…The precautions are to eat only vegetarian food and to take bath before the rituals…Sincere devotion is immensely powerful, and with the blessings of Lord Narasimha, you can definitely attain peace

  6. OM…Namasthe Dear Suryaji…i would suggest that you chant the moola mantra of Lord Vishnu daily for 41 consecutive days…and also give for 21 consecutive days of garlands and archana at a nearby temple of Lord Narasimha…May God bless you

  7. Hi Sir. i hope you are well. I am Hindu . sir i am in trouble , i do not know what is going on? i felt i am suffering with some negative energy or evil spirits problem. i do not knw what to do with whom i can discuss. i want to be normal person. my eyes are weeping while writing this. hope to hear from you soon.

  8. thank u so much sir..our family god is lord venkateswara our grand parents used to say we are not suposed to pray lord narasimha or visit his temple in sollingar as we are devotees of lord venkateswara,am not sure of the i dont know if i can do archana and offer garlands to lord narasimha.can u guide me on this sir..

  9. OM…Namasthe Suryaji…it is definitely good that you are devotees of Lord Venkateswara, but it is my opinion that there is absolutely no problem in you doing archana or offering garlands to Lord Narasimha…After all, lord Narasimha and Lord Venkateswara are both different forms of the same Lord Vishnu…Just because you visit Lord Narasimha's temple it doesn't mean that you are not a devotee of Lord Venkateswara…i know it's a loose example but still; just because you respect or go and visit your uncle, it doesn't mean you don't love your father ,right?.i suppose the same principle would apply here..i hope you understand what i mean to convey Suryaji…please do let me know if there are any other doubts, also, i am sure that our fellow brothers and sisters on onlyhinduism will also be willing to help you…May god bless you Suryaji…Om

  10. Suffering from some negative energy that keeps bothering me especially at night. Feel like pin pricks on my body and wake up with bruises and scratches…Please help me i think i am being tormented by a spirit!!

  11. Hi sir,I would like your help….I believe there is a poltergist in my flat. The tap turns on at exactly 12 midnite daily and we hear noise around the house from 9pm to early morning(like furniture moving, person walking, sometimes laughter, growls). We conduct daily prayers and have pictures of ganesha and other gods in our altar . If this is a ghost, I am afraid using the protection above will cause it to disturb us when we are not in the house.Some mediums we have talked to say it is a ghost that follows my husband. How do I protect him and my children from ghosts and evil spirits? Is there something I can put on my small child to protect him?

  12. Hello Sir , I reside in Mumbai & in the year 2012 i had visited Kolkata .When i returned from there , i started experiencing alot of un natural things in my room , things like some thing touching me , some one calling me , my pets getting scared & some times i even see a black shadow in the house , when i consulted a pundit he told me that i stepped on some thing in kolkata which was of the ghost & the ghost followed me to Mumbai & is in my House , Sir the pundit also told me its a ghost of a small girl , there have neeb instances when the ghost has been heard on the cell phone when i am talking with some body , sir the pundit is unable to do anything as he resides in Amritsar , he did send me samagri & a mantra to be placed in my room , which did help me for some time but the ghost reappeared after a two months , Plz help me

  13. i saw my neighbour posses today like in the exhausrsist movie, was chinese possed with indian ghost.. talking tamil.

    i am new to this still chanted few mantras i knew like gayathri manthra. seemed to work.

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