Housewarming Kerala Style – Simplified (Part 2)

Coming to Gruhapravesham, the same procedure used for Gruharambham, can be followed as far as the Muhurtham is concerned. The rituals may vary a little in that it will be nice if the Gruhapravesham is done immediately after the Ganapathy Homam in the early morning during the time of Sunrise at that location. Early morning is always supposed to be good or you can go for a good Muhurtham for the purpose by a learned Astrologer. Appropriate offerings should be made to Bhara Devatha and in local temples also, before Gruhapravesham.

Usually the Pooja is arranged in front of the house towards one side, by the Sthapathy (Moothassari). It is nice that no one should be at the house when the family first enters into the house. It is well and good if it is possible to go round the house (Pradikshanam / circumambulate) once by the members of the family, headed by the lady of the house carrying the lighted lamp in both hands, obtained from the Sthapathy, after giving him the ‘Sampradaya Dakshina’, accompanied by the man of the house with the treasure chest in his hand, followed by other members of the family, with milk and pot, water-pot (Kumbhakudam) etc. Using the right leg, they should enter the house, and the lighted lamp should be placed at the North-East corner of the room, where they entered first. From the same lamp, the lady of the house can ignite the hearth in the kitchen, for boiling the milk. Afterwards, the milk should be given to all present at the function. The workers or laborers should be paid first, tips as a token of indebtedness towards them for having built the house for the family. It is advisable to give a lime along with a betel leaf to everyone irrespective of those with gifts.

In either case, whether it is Gruharambham or Gruhapravesham, you should be present on the spot on the second day, to avoid the so called ‘Vischithi dosham’. You should stay and sleep over the night on the second day also in your new house.

Your Home is a ‘Devalayam’; the man there is the Chief Deity, the lady of the house-hold is the Goddess, and the children are Upa Devathas. This concept will bring prosperity to your Home. Whatever you have, belongs to God; you are only a Caretaker. Do all unto Him with full Providence and Dharma. “Dharmo rakshathy, rakshitha”- Dharma, when protected, protects the follower. The End.

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