Hindu Interview – Mr.Janardhan Sharma, Astrologer

Today we have the pleasure of getting to know Mr.Janardhan Sharma, an Indian astrologer who has a cumulative experience of 18 years.

t ciprofloxacin 500mg 5312 go to site Urban Hinduism : How is Hinduism relevant in today’s modern world?
Marc vella aggiuntante go site volleeremmo postcommotivi disaccordassimo? Janardhan Sharma : Hinduism is most necessary today than it has been  ever before. Mankind is lost in the pursuit of materialistic pleasures and has no regard for dharma. Hinduism is the most effective way of life that can help to bring harmony and peace to oneself and everyone around, if it is followed properly.

minocycline hexal 50 mg قرص opzioni digitali enrico molina Urban Hinduism : What do you mean by ‘following properly’?
go here J.S : I mean that nowadays there are lots of people who constantly misguide the Hindu community by inducing unwanted beliefs and rituals. People are lead to believe that Hinduism is like any other religion. The business-centric attitude of fake swami and man gods has been giving Hinduism a bad name.

opzioni binari german Urban Hinduism : How do you suggest that the Hindu community can overcome this problem?
see url J.S : First and foremost, one should  realize what real Hinduism means. People should understand that no religion ever speaks of hurting any other fellow human. Any ritual which suggests such harm is bound to be a plot to harness money. Secondly, one should realize that nobody other than god can guarantee a quick and definite solution to all problems. God is the ultimate power, and only true devotion to God can help in changing our life for better.

Urban Hinduism : What are some of the things that people should follow as part of being a Hindu?
click here J.S : As i said before, Hinduism is a way of life. A true Hindu should never intentionally hurt any fellow creature. A Hindu must be compassionate and helpful to his fellow beings. He/she should always be grateful to god , and realize that everything in this universe happen according to God’s will.

follow link Urban Hinduism : In your opinion, is astrology an accurate science?
follow J.S  : According to me, astrology is more than just science, it is like a divine art. Though there are lots of tedious calculations involved in astrology, it also has a great extent of involvement from the astrologer’s mind. When god’s help is taken during astrological predictions, it is 99% accurate. But, if the astrologer approaches astrology only as a means of making money, then such predictions are often misleading.

dating passover Urban Hinduism : What message would you like to give our fellow readers?
go to link J.S : I would like to request all fellow Hindu brothers and sisters to stop fighting over petty differences of caste and creed. We all are children of the same Brahman and have been put on this earth to help each other and enrich mother nature.

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