Hanuman Jayanti – Be Blessed With Happiness and Health

Hanuman Jayanti is a wonderful occasion to get rid of the miseries of Kali yuga by getting the blessings of Lord Hanuman. The following simple ritual can be used by devotees to appease Lord Hanuman and have his presence in their household.

During the morning or evening, after your bath, light a lamp in front of Lord Rama. Then place a few bananas on a plate and keep it in front of the lamp. Now chant the following mantras 3 times each:

Om Sri Ramachandraya Namosthuthe 
Om Shree Ramabhadraya Namosthuthe 
Om Shree Rama Ramaya Namah
Lord Hanuman

Then peel the top half of one banana and chant the following mantra 36 times.

    Om Shree Vayuputra Ramabaktha Dushtanigraha Veera Hanumanaya Namosthuthe

Then chant ‘Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare‘ and/or ‘Shree Rama Jayam‘ for as many times as possible. Doing this simple ritual with your family will help to make your life happy, safe, healthy and prosperous.

There is a lot of controversy regarding the exact date of Lord Hanuman’s birth. According to some regions which follow this legend : Why Is Lord Hanuman Devoted To Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman’s birthday is celebrated in the full moon that comes after Lord Rama’s Birthday (Rama Navami). Some of the other dates on which Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated are :

  • full moon day of Chaitra month. 
  • new moon day of the Markazhi month, and in ‘Moola’ star
  • Vishak masakrishna paksha, thasami thithi
  • Karthika month (November- December), Mesha Lagna, on Krishna Chaturdasi and in Swathiconstellation.
  • vaisakha masa, krishna paksha, dasami tithi and the nakshatra is purvabhadra

I do not wish to add fuel to the fire by saying any one date is correct or wrong. The aim is to make oneself realize the infinite greatness of Lord Hanuman and invoke his blessings for a happier life.

Jai Hanuman

2 thoughts on “Hanuman Jayanti – Be Blessed With Happiness and Health

  • April 6, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    In the south Hanuman Jayanthi is celebrated on Moola star / the New moon day of Margazhi month (Dec-Jan). But why is celebrated at diffrent times in the North?


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