God Is Always With You – The Power Of Faith

Vishnu God

We are often faced with obstacles that seem insurmountable. Such adversities make us doubt the presence of God and even takes us to the verge of insulting God. But, we fail to realize that such problems are only tests of faith, and actually show that God is paying you more attention than others.

Obstacles and problems act as leashes to our ego. They make us realize that the whole world works under the watchful eyes of God, and also makes us understand how insignificant our problems are. The power of true devotion is infinite and can reinforce any mind. A strong mind can provide the required determination to succeed in life. Have undeterred devotion and be sincere to yourself. As long as you don’t intentionally hurt anyone through your actions or thoughts, God will always help you.

The above post is submitted by Swami Ananthakrishna.

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