Glimpses of life after Death.

[This is a guest post by Mr. M.Prasad.]

I had the privilege of going through, and assimilating the knowledge from many many books in this regard.
Sorry I am not a guru, and I don’t want to preach.
After visiting this Web site, I just wanted to share my knowledge with you.
Since a long time, I was interested in what happens to the bodies after death. The physical bodies are either cremated or buried. So the physical aspect may be given a goodbye.
Hence the soul form only travels to the next part or faces the music, if you believe in the soul. Else no problem at all, ‘cause the life ended with the death. That’s all.
For believers then, the soul form travels to another loka, i.e., Pitruloka temporarily. There the soul is put to trial. All his/her actions that have earned a point, both positive and negative are played before the soul. One cannot say ‘No’ because, there was a witness that resided in your heart and ready to testify. You cannot bluff. Then, depending on your record and points earned, you are given a choice to enter into the human form.
The soul is given a choice. The soul will know the wombs available at that time, and what happens to this particular soul, while living as the child of these parents (future life!). 
It is the soul then that makes the decision which womb to enter. The soul may not fulfill all its desires in that particular birth. Because it has chosen to be born to that particular mother, the final plan in seed form is also carried by the individual soul. These are the Past life’s contacts, memories, desires etc. That’s how one gets a Dejavu feeling some times.
Every soul wants to be born in a rich family, wants to have beautiful wives/husbands and everything the best in life… But alas! One cannot get it. ‘Cause the points in your balance are limited. You have to earn more points, to deserve more! Earning those points is possible only on earth. Hence come back to earth, do good things, get more points, go back… and return. That is the cycle. 
Why don’t we remember our past lives? The physical brain that is the storehouse of all the memories is already destroyed. And the soul form carries only that which is necessary for the present life. Still traces may remain and that is Dejavu!
If you remember your past life, you cannot live fully in the present life. There would be conflict of interests. It may lead to chaos!! Only the Almighty is capable of remembering all his and our past lives. That’s his job. Else he cannot justify the options given to the soul to be born as such and such.
Hence if you are a believer in God, and believer in rebirths, then please do good things only, as to amass more points on earth, so that you can live a life of your choice later. Got it? It is so simple.

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One Reply to “Glimpses of life after Death.”

  1. At first I thank you for publishing this thought provoking article on life after death.
    In Hinduism, this concept of life after death came with the influence of other religions. We have got life cycles. We acknowledge death as a passing phase of life. Just because we leave this body, we are not considered dead. Body is formed of Pancha maha bhootas. When it perihes it returns back to its original forms of Prithvi, jala, agni, vayu and akasham.
    Soul has no shape and it remain sthe same through out life and after death.
    We continue our journey taking new form out of pancha maha bhootas.
    Remembering past life has something to do with the jeeva which is a ego attached Soul. Dropping our past is the purpose of sadhana. If we remember our past even after we leave our body, it is the ego that is carried with the Soul and we suffer. That is the Naraka. Moksha is to live life dropping the past and move from moment to moment. regards to Sri PRasad for sucha though provoking article. Thank you.