Ganesha Pooja On Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya  is a once in a year opportunity to easily atone for your sins and get rid of your miseries. This post is about a simple yet powerful ritual to please Lord Ganesha , that can be performed to bring success in your businesses. Of course you must also bear in mind that no single day or ritual will make any change in your life unless you show true devotion to God. Moreover, Akshaya Tritiya is a chance to atone for all your sins by undertaking suitable charitable work. Please do think about your fellow brothers and sisters, and help them in any way possible.

In the morning of Akshaya Tritiya, while taking bath, chant  narayana नारायणा as you pour water on yourself. It is also advisable to perform the poojas with all family members since the collective devotion will bring more sincerity.


Light a lamp in front of a photo of Lord Ganesha. Take a few bananas and keep them on a plate beside the lamp. Now place a bowl of water beside the plate. Take some water in your right palm, and revolve your hand thrice around the plate of bananas, while chanting the following : 

om gum ganapathaye namah.        ॐ गं गणपथये नमः 

Now peel the top half of the bananas and place your right hand over the bananas, without touching them, and chant the following mantra 11 times :

om ganeshaya samarpayami   ॐ गणेशाय समर्पयामि 
om lambhodaraya samarpayami   ॐ लम्बोदराय समर्पयामि 
om vighnavinashakaya samarpayami    ॐ विग्नविनाशकाय समर्पयामि 

Lord Ganesha

Now wash your palm with water. Then shower the base of the lamp with flowers while chanting
                            om namo raja ganapathaye namah      ॐ नमो राज गणपथाये नमः 

Then light some camphor and distribute the bananas among your family members. Thank Lord Ganesha from your heart and ask for his infinite grace to make your Akshaya Tritiya a wonderful step to success.

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