Ganesha Gayatri Mantra

The mantra below is the powerful Ganesha Gayatri Mantra. Chant the following mantra daily in the morning atleast once to remove all possible obstacles. It will ensure all success and keep all your valuables safe. With the blessings of Lord Ganesha, prosperity and happiness will always be there with your family
<Ganesha Gayathri Mantra
Om ekadanthaya vidmahe vakratundaya dheemahi tanno danthi prachodayat
Om ekadanthaya angushttabhyaamnamah Om vidmahe tharjaneebhyaam namah
Om vakrathundaya madhyamaabhyaam namah Om dheemahi anamikabhyaam namah
Om tanno danthi kanishtikabhyaam namah  Om prachodayat karathalakaraprishtabhyaam namah ithi karanyasaha 
Om ekadanthaya hridhayaya namah Om vidmahe shirase swaha 
Om vakrathundaya shikayai vashta
Om dheemahi kavachaya huum Om tanno danthi nethrathreyaya vouwshta
Om prachodayat astraya fatt ithi hridyadinyasaha Om gum ganapathaye namah ithi ganapathigayathri manthraha

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