Family Deity – Reason For All Problems and All Happiness

The mad rush towards success often makes us forget about our roots. We may be striving hard for wealth and prosperity, but, somehow one misery after the other may keep hindering our happiness. We fail to realize that such problems may be due to the neglect of one’s family deity. The family deity would have been glorified and appeased immensely in the past, and pathetically neglected now.


A family deity is almost like a parent. It is a deity who has been guarding our family from a long time. There may be a particular deity with whom some ancestor with whom an ancestor may have established a special bond. This bond would have lead to an unwritten agreement in which the deity continues to protect the family in return for a simple pooja or prayer from the family members. Such a family deity takes on the responsibility of providing good health, prosperity and protection to the whole family. But, as time goes by, we forget such deities and go about our busy life. This neglect will naturally bring the wrath of the family deity, and hence even prevent us from getting the benefits of our usual prayers to other gods.

I know it isn’t right to generalize gods in human terms. But, a family deity usually comes as the result of some severe penance or pure devotion, in which the devotee would have made a connection with the deity at a human level. Thus, the deity manifests itself with human emotions as well.


Most people hence try an abundance of remedies and poojas but still fail to gain their goals, because the family deity is unhappy. It is even mentioned in some scriptures that one doesn’t have to pray to any other god or go to any other temple if he/she prays to the family deity regularly.

You can know your family deity by performing astrological rituals like ‘thambhoola prashna’ by a capable astrologer. If you are not aware of your family deity, you can still pray to the deity from your heart. You may light a ghee lamp daily separately meant only for the family deity, and request the deity to show you the real form. You may talk to the family deity as you talk to your parent. Soon you will start getting the image of the family deity in your mind when you pray. Once you get the blessings of your family deity, all your obstacles and miseries will be overcome and you will lead a happy, prosperous,healthy and wholesome life.

This is a guest post by Sri.Ramchandra

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  • September 9, 2012 at 6:40 pm

    This devine mantra will help me to sell my business.? because i want to come back to India for some religious and social visit. pl guide me.


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