Durga Mantra To Protect Business

Starting a business is tough enough under normal circumstances. But most often there are people who face continuous unexpected struggles and external obstacles from the moment their business is initialized. The following is a simple ritual that can be done by business people to protect the prosperity of their business and to help them in facing obstacles.

On a thursday night, keep a coconut and a lemon in any corner of the shop (on the ground) on top of a red cloth. Then on the next day evening (friday evening) , after lighting a lamp in your shop, take a few grains of rice in your right hand and chant the following durga devi mantra 21 times:

om shree shree tripurasundari lokamata sarva baadha nashaya omĀ 

Then continue chanting the mantra and sprinkle the rice on top of the coconut and lemon, without letting it go out of the red cloth. Tie the coconut ,rice and lemon in the red cloth. While chanting the mantra, take the whole bunch to a river or deserted area and throw it away. Immediately start walking from there, without turning back. Repeat this ritual for 5 consecutive fridays, it will help to remove negative energies that may be disrupting your business. Om

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  • November 6, 2013 at 11:51 am

    can we do this procedure in the office also????


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