Durga Devi Sloka – To remove disease and suffering

source site http://mullbergaskolan.se/?pankreatit=K%C3%B6p-Cialis-80-mg-ingen-recept&810=22 Durga Devi is said to be infinitely fierce to enemies and infinitely loving to her devotees. The following is a powerful sloka of Durga Devi that can be used by devotees to get rid of diseases and suffering.

here Om namo devi devi durga devi sarvavyadhi vinashaya namosthuthe
durga devi sloka
enter site ॐ नमो देवी देवी दुर्गा देवी सर्वव्यादी विनाशाय नमोस्तुते 

Chant this sloka 12 times in the morning for 21 consecutive days, while holding a pinch of turmeric powder in your right hand. Eat the turmeric powder after the recital.

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