Durga Devi Mantra For Increasing Love

Durga Devi is a manifestation of strong emotions. Devi in her form/avatar as Durga is considered extremely powerful, yet also infinitely loving. The following is a simple yet powerful mantra of Durga Devi that can be used to increase love among family members, spouses, etc.

Om Tryambake Mahadevi Mahamaye Maheshwari
Repeat the above mantra 360 times daily for 11 consecutive days. Start chanting after bathing in the morning and sit in front of a lamp after lighting it’s east and west facing threads.

One thought on “Durga Devi Mantra For Increasing Love

  • August 21, 2013 at 11:25 pm

    can i recite this mantra for increase love between me and my boyfriend?


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