Diwali/Deepavali – Relevance Today

The festival of go to link Diwali / Deepavali is also celebrated by Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists, hence making it a nationwide celebration. The Jains commemorate Diwali / Deepavali as the day that Saint Mahavir attained ‘moksha’. It is also believed that emperor Ashoka converted to Buddhism on the day of Diwali / Deepavali, and is hence celebrated by Buddhists as ‘Ashoka Vijayadashami’. The importance of Diwali / Deepavali among the Sikhs lies in the release of Guru Hargobind and other princes from prison.

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Regardless of the community or the origin, Diwali / Deepavali is a celebration of good. It is a celebration of the glory of God. A remembrance of God being ever ready to help all devotees when called with devotion, regardless of the name or form he/she is called in.
I would like to add that celebrations and festivals are occasions to bring the family and friends closer, and not an excuse to find differences or faults which lead to unwanted hatred or jealousy.They are opportunities to instill peace,love and harmony in the family and in society as a whole. Please do not let any anti-social elements destroy the unity and peace of India in the name of any differences. We are all children of the same absolute power, so love your fellow beings. Use this Diwali / Deepavali as a god given chance to spread the message of Hinduism (peace,love & equality) throughout the world.
investimenti online forex I wish you all a Happy Diwali / Deepavali and sincerely hope that the almighty blesses everyone with success,peace, health and happiness. Om

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