Clarity Of Thought Mantra

It is very common for us to not have free forex expert advisor clarity while trying to take important decisions. We may not be under any apparent pressure, nor is it necessary to even be aware of such an issue. But, whenever we are presented with options to make decisions on something important, we get too lost in thoughts. Such problems are often attributed to displeasure from the moon (chandra). The following is a simple ritual that such people can use to have more clarity in thoughts and to make better decisions.

site rencontre 15-18 ans On a Monday night , stare at the moon and chant “ agencia para solteros bogota om chandraya namah” 11 times. Then from the next day, chant the following mantra 9 times every night for 14 consecutive nights.

follow site om namo chandraya somaya mahadeva namah
You can also practice subtle meditation while chanting “om chandraya namah” 108 times for 21 consecutive days. Soon you will have more will-power, better decision-making and peace of mind.

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  1. kurri garu, namaskarams – can you pl. provide some shastric evidence for your above statement (This simple Mantra can transfor all to have good thoughts, good words & actions which transform this rare human birth not to be born again to get the objective of life!) ? Thanks in advance – Ravishankar (

  2. go site Sincere Namaskarams to you sir,

    enter site In general, it is said that any 'mantra' should only be received from guru. Then only it will produce the desired results. Then in that case, if I did not receive this / any mantra from guru personally, will I be able to get desired results as above in your statement? Sincere dhanyavad in advance.

    Padma (

  3. Om..Thank you for your comment Padmaji…yes, you can use the above mantra even without receiving it personally from a guru.

    Guru upadesha is mainly said to be necessary to prevent mispronunciation. Also, in some cases, it is also believed that the guru transfers some of his accumulated mantra powers to the disciple while teaching the mantra. Most mantras which contain 'bija akshara' are advisable to be practiced only after guru upadesha.

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