Aghora Mantra – To Remove Ghosts, Evil Entites (Exorcism)

Aghora mantra is used to get blessings from the angry avatar of Lord Shiva. It is a request to Lord Shiva to take on his fierce and angry form and come to our assistance. It is used to fight influences from evil ghosts, bad planetary positions, enemies,etc. It is very beneficial to repeat the mantra 21 times while holding a copper pot full of water in your right hand, and then drinking the water or sprinkling it on family members. This will help to safeguard life and property.
aghora mantra
Om hreem sphura sphura prasphura prasphura
Kkhora kkhoratharathanuroopa
Chada chada prachada prachada
Kaha kaha vama vama
Bandha bandha khadaya khadaya huum phutt

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