12 Divine Names Of Lord Subrahmanya/Murugan – For Success In Life

Lord Subrahmanya/Murugan is known to have the ‘vetri vel‘,i.e the spear of victory, in his hand. Thus anyone struggling for success in life may pray to Lord Subrahmanya/Murugan and be blessed with victory. It is often not practically possible for some people to chant mantras or slokas for long durations due to busy schedules. The following 12 divine names of Lord Subrahmanya/Murugan may be used by such people as a substitute to long slokas.

Om Shanmughaya Namah
Om Mayuravahanaya Namah
Om Mahiidevaya Namah
Om Gandhashailadhivasaya Namah
Om Guhaya Namah
Om Skandaya Namah
Om Suvarnabhushaya Namah
Om Kartikeyaya Namah
Om Shadananaya Namah
Om Vachalbhuve Namah
Om Vishnupriyaya Namah
Om Margaya Namah

You may chant the above 12 names after lighting a lamp in the morning and evening. With the blessings of Lord Subrahmanya/Murugan you will become successful in all your endeavors.

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